The Crimson Sign

from by Amorgen



The sunlight in my face!
so bright, I was surprised
I thought that I,
had died, but I defied my demise

So here I am in an unknown room,
My wounds were seen to, (but by whom)
A man then entered, I turned to him.
The man sat down and started to explain

this is the village of Everrain
We are descendants of the ancients

he wore same red crest as the shaman

when I got out it took a look around,
in the floating town
I found a friend, with answers at hand.
the scholar's apprentice started to explain

Cursed is the village of Everrain.
blessed with survival, but never to be free again

they wear the crimson sign of an ancient god

As the legends go the kingdom,
fell under the thorn of the swamp.
many had fled it, but some stayed behind,
surrendered, adapted to save their hides

Bound by pact, in survitude
To the will of their newfound god

Work, pray, bleed, stray, they, serve, in survitude
sleep, eat, suffer, bleed, cursed, slaves of their newfound god

(they all) Work, pray, bleed, stray, they, all bleed in survitude
sleep, eat, suffer, bleed,
it is now clear to me

pain, pain, torment, pain
they, all, bleed In survitude
bleed, bleed, suffer, bleed,
it is now clear to me

I have walked right into his domain!

Damned is the village of Everrain
somehow resisting, but slaves all the same.

As we depart, the villagers speak of the dangers of our foe
But no such warning I shall heed
Onwards! To the swamp we go!

Into the swamp we go!

For the sake of the south!


from Demo 2013, released June 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Amorgen Dordrecht, The Netherlands

A 5-piece cinematic metal band formed in the spring of 2010. Their songs are told by the bard Amorgen and tell a cohesive storyline. This means that in the lyrics you will hear references to locations and characters taken from an original storyline developed by the band. The music and lyrics paint a picture of the events that occur in the storyline, making the listening experience a cinematic one. ... more

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