from by Amorgen



I will not die today!

Unsheathe my sword and I strike,
The bard yet lives, the shaman dies.
The tribe to arms, I run for my life

As the wind I run through the swamp,
the tribe on my heels
Into the darkness
The terror I feel

I can hear the tribesmen closing in
as I look back I run into a wall

a wall of thorns
They rend my flesh (it stings) the gash, IT IS INFECTED
Can't go on (poison) SO STRONG, I spot a hollow tree and HIDE INSIDE

I crawl out of the tree, I fall down, poison spreading
The wound is festering, dripping with ooze
Vision blurring

Must get to safety and fast, where to go now
I'll just start walking, wandering off

Must stay awake

Must get to safety

I must find my way through the swamp
Knees weak, survival

On to me!

Lost on to me!

Strength is sapped away,
Darkness takes my sight,
My knees give in
I will not survive


from Demo 2013, released June 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Amorgen Dordrecht, The Netherlands

A 5-piece cinematic metal band formed in the spring of 2010. Their songs are told by the bard Amorgen and tell a cohesive storyline. This means that in the lyrics you will hear references to locations and characters taken from an original storyline developed by the band. The music and lyrics paint a picture of the events that occur in the storyline, making the listening experience a cinematic one. ... more

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